I've got a dream that the church can care for the hurting people of the world, and do it so lovingly people can't help but praise God. When I went on my first overseas trip, it was like scales fell off my eyes when I saw the hurt, but also the ways that well-meaning people can actually further cripple growth in communities (full disclosure: well-meaning people was me).

Since I've been back in the states, I've spent a lot of time researching and asking questions about how the church can work with local people to restore dignity and hope in their communities. It has become the call on my heart to learn and share, because I truly believe the hope of the world lies in Jesus, and He has asked us to be His hands and feet. Let's carry out that mission well.

If you have a group wanting to learn about responsible missions and social justice, contact me here. Whether you've got adults, youth groups, or kiddos, I love preparing people for mission trips and sharing what God can do through willing hearts.