I went on my first mission trip in the 8th grade, and I loved it so much that I was deathly scared God was going to make me move to Africa.  Six years and three mission trips later, God did send me to Ghana, West Africa, for two and a half months where I fell in love--with the people, the beauty, the faith, and knowing I was doing exactly what God wanted me to.  Since I've been back in the States, I've been lucky to speak about why missions (both local and foreign) are mandatory for every believer, as well as lead mission trips and train mission groups.  I'm now working for a missions organization, planning events and international trips designed to connect supporters with their missionaries.

I'm passionate about missions for a lot of reasons, number one being that God commands it. But also because there is nothing better than turning your eyes away from yourself, focusing on another place, going outside your comfort zone, to share this Jesus who you love.  There is a special connection with the Lord when you are obeying his call to love people and spread the Gospel.

Organizations I Love