wrapping up July

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So it’s the last week of July. I would say I don’t believe it, but I think I’ve said that every single month this year! I don’t know if traveling so much makes everything fly by, but I cannot believe the year is more than halfway over. Darn, I just said it…where did this year go???

Besides a few days in Chicago, I spent most of this month at home with Chris, which was great. I feel like we rested and just had a lot of fun. Obviously Texas in the summer is scorching hot, but there’s also so much to do. We spent a lot of time exploring Dallas through food, attending a restaurant opening and finding unique food places, which was so much fun. Groupon is where it is at, for real. Good food plus relaxing by the pool equaled a great month in my book.

So I had fun, but what about my JULY GOALS?!?

Fitness: YES! I’ve worked out most days, and the Fitbit is still an amazing tool that is great motivation. I get my steps more days than not, and same with active minutes.

Reading: I’ve read a TON this month, which honestly helps me feel more like myself. I finished Cold Tangerines, and I started Let’s All Be Brave. I LOVE Annie Downs, and this book was great, but in this season I feel like God is asking me to be still, so I put down LABB and am looking forward to picking it up in the next season. Other books I loved: Bossypants and Just Mercy

Professional: I took the Strengthsfinder! All of my strengths were in the category of Strategic Thinking, which I think makes total sense and definitely helps as I look to make career goals for the next few years.

Fun: We didn’t head to a Texas swimming hole, but we are floating down a river in just a few weeks. I can't WAIT!

That about wraps up July, and I’m already looking forward to a really fun August and September (hint: hanging out at Jen Hatmaker’s house over Labor Day) (#DYING)

How’s your July going? What’s the most fun thing you’ve done?