Three Simple Ways to Do #GivingTuesday

When I say Black Friday, I think fights over a big screen TV. When I say Cyber Monday, I think of the big sale Birchbox had yesterday that gave me my favorite dry shampoo for 25% off. When I say Giving Tuesday, I hear… *crickets*

We’ve all probably spent a little too much this weekend (and maybe eaten a little too much, too), but today is #GivingTuesday, a day where we put aside our own (really fun and awesome) wish lists and focus on giving to the needs around us. This Giving Tuesday, here are three super simple ways you can give to those around you.


1.       Up your monthly support for December.  A one-time gift to a missionary your church supports this month could be huge! Think of all the extra little expenses you have around the holidays—missionaries aren’t exempt, and a gift of even as much as $15 could help an overseas worker this month.

2.       Switch it up. If you mostly support global missions, why not give to a local outreach? If you’re all about helping people locally, why not support a global organization today? (If you’re looking to partner with a new nonprofit, check out this post on simple ways to vet them before you give). What a great way to remember helping people is not about a certain zip code or country name, but about loving anyone and everyone you can.

3.       Choose from the catalog. I think just about everyone remembers circling toys in a catalog around Christmastime. An even more awesome activity is looking over the Wish List of your favorite nonprofit organization. Wish Lists typically list specific gifts you can give. For instance, you might be able to buy a meal for an orphaned child for $6, or purchase a coat for a homeless veteran for $30. I know kids that absolutely love looking over wish lists and picking out projects to support. Since the gift prices can start so low, it is a great way to make an unplanned donation!

This Christmas, it can be so easy to focus on the stress and the wrapping paper and the decorations, but I encourage us all to take just a few minutes today to focus our heart on the gifts of the season and donate to an organization doing some awesome work (You can find some of my favorites here!).

Happy #GivingTuesday!