All Grown Up

I've been sporadically blogging for over four years now. Nothing consistent, nothing crazy, but enough that I've come to love this little space to express some thoughts.

For the last three years, I've thought about moving over to my own domain with something a little more user-friendly, but it just never felt right. I mean, do I blog enough? Do people even want to read it? What am I trying to accomplish?

Answers: No, some, and no idea.

But I took a little tiny risk and began working on moving over to Squarespace. I have to say, I have been 100% pleased with how easy SS is to use, the price, and what they offer. Once I began messing around with a free trial, I felt like I should do it, just jump in, and purchased the package. I have some ideas but no promises for what this space will look like and do, but I'm here, and I'd love for y'all to join the party, too!

Why get your own domain? Because telling people my blog is gets annoying. A simple domain looks more streamlined, more professional, and I have a lot more options in how this new space looks and feels.

Are you trying to make money? No. All signs show that the years of bloggers making any significant amount of money are over. Besides, what is written here isn't always light and fluffy. If the Lord blesses this space into something that makes money, I'll be more surprised than anyone, but I'm keeping my day job (let's be honest: I love my job and I love traditional workspace, so I would probably keep it no matter what happens in this space!). Instead I write because I love to share what God's teaching me and doing through awesome organizations, and I really think our online voices can change things for the hurting.

Why Life Meets Grace? I debated changing the name when I moved over, mostly because isn't available right now. But every time I closed my eyes and asked God what he wanted me to do with this little space, I got a picture of something turning on...water turning on and making a flower grow, a light turning on, a smile lighting up a face. That's what grace does--when it intersects with your daily life, it's like a 180 in your emotions, actions, words, heart.

What will you write about? The same things as always--missions, social justice, and how the church can grow in these areas. There will be some life updates, goals, and recipes in the mix, too. I would love to see this space become a collective of people telling their stories. No one person has a complete answer to life (you know, besides Jesus and all), but as we all jump in and share our stories, things can truly change.

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Thanks for reading, friends!


If you have a blog, what made you switch over to your own domain? If you don't, what would you name your blog if I had one?