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On Fridays I want to share something I’ve been loving lately aka a Friday Fav! Never sponsored, this is just what I can’t get enough of.  I’d love to hear about what you’re loving this week, so be sure to let me know in the comments!

I have been a big time Shauna Niequist fan ever since I read Bittersweet. Her books are collections of essays basing around a central point. Her writing is amazing and emotional and deep and funny. Her books make me want to look at things with the spiritual connections she makes—a plate of pasta is not just a plate of pasta when Shauna is writing about it. I just finished Cold Tangerines, about living a life of celebration. Through essays with pain and joy all wrapped together, I walked away wanting to live a life like this:

 Right now, around our house, all the leaves are falling, and there’s no reason that they have to turn electric bright red before they fall, but they do, and I want to live like that. I want to say, “What can I do today that brings more beauty, more energy, more hope?” Because it seems like that’s what God is saying to us, over and over. “What can I do today to remind you again how good this life is? You think the color of the sky is good now, wait until sunset.”

See what I mean? SO GOOD. I really have to keep myself from highlighting the whole entire book.

Funny story, I actually met her at IF: Gathering when I volunteered, and I was awkward and a half. A quote by her pops up on my phone as an alarm every morning, and I got it into my head that I should show her. It was slightly weird, but she was super sweet. Anyways, her books, particularly Cold Tangerines, are what I am loving this week!



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What are you into this week? Any books or songs you've been loving?