You Have Something to Say

You have something to say.

You have something important, life changing, thoughtful, exciting, and challenging to say.

You are thinking that what you have to say doesn’t matter. There are a billion people out there, right? Someone has probably already said it.

But YOU have not said it.

You have a unique combination of talents, loves, passions, followers, those you follow, experiences, dislikes, strengths, and purpose. There is not another with your package of gifts.

There is something you have been given to say that can only be said by you.

The world needs you to say it. In your way, in your words, in your actions. We need YOU to stand up, to say it. There is no one else that can say it the way you can, and it’s time for you to give the gift of your words.

So sing, play, write, whisper, speak, teach, yell. Say what's on your heart, in your mind. Because you have something to say.