Friday Fav

Good morning! I hope your week was amazing--mine started out a little rough but ended up being great thanks to all y'alls comments, some extra time with friends, and a really cool answered prayer! This weekend we are looking forward to laying around, watch lots of baseball, and check out the new tom + chee that opened nearby. Tom + chee is one of our fav restaurants, one we always eat at when we check out a Reds game, so it's fun to have one on this side of the country!

Today's Friday, so I get to share my favorite things this week! Never sponsored, this is just a space to share what I'm loving. If you want to play along, leave a comment! I'd love to check out what you're loving.

So I am a HUGE Trader Joe's fan. It is one of my very favorite places (second only behind Fresh Market). I typically don't keep a lot of snacks around the house because I've been known to eat my weight in goldfish in one sitting, but as I shopped I got the munchie. Enter: Apple Sticks.

Dun dun dun dun....these things are delicious. Like a cross between the cinnamon twists you get at Taco Bell and Apple Jacks. I'm not saying this is the healthiest snack ever, but the ingredients were pretty normal (nothing too scary-sounding). I almost polished the whole bag off at one time. These things are dangerous, but delicious.

This Week's Reads:

I managed to get lots of reading in this week. I absolutely loved Imperfect Birds, and in a whole other category is Bossypants, which is now one of my favorite books. Just as funny as everyone says.

Currently Listening:

What are you loving this week?