It's July?!?

Let’s just hold up and talk about how half of the year is now over<--OMG when did this happen? When did I blink and miss June? How did it get so stinkin’ hot?

Okay, now that the important questions are over with, let’s get focused. While this weather makes me want to lay under a fan and slather sunscreen all over my shoulders 24/7, I just cancelled Netflix so I guess I have to get moving, and might even have to go outside once or twice. So let’s talk some goals.

For the last several months, my goals have been pretty simple: enjoy time with Chris while I’m at home and take steps toward a healthy body and mind. The latter's been pretty hit or miss (hello…gelato in Italy? Not passing that up), but in June I really hit my stride (pun intended) with my new Fitbit. I got the Fitbit Flex, and for my type A perfectionist self, this is amazing. Once I get my steps, it vibrates on my wrist, and that small accomplishment every day feels HUGE. Like, do a happy dance in the middle of the street HUGE. Also, if I meet my goal in steps, calories, active minutes, or distance, I get a gold star on the app. And I’m all about gold stars.

So now a few steps forward (pun unintended) I want to take in July:

Fitness: Keep up the walking. I currently get up at 5 AM to walk, so I am generally able to avoid the heat. This month I’ll probably be adding a few swim workouts in our pool, despite the fact I am crazy afraid there will be snakes in there one morning.<--Is this irrational? It *might* have kept me up a few nights thinking about it.

Reading: Finish Cold Tangerines by Shauna Neiquist (my very favorite author EVER), start and finish Let’s All Be Brave: Living Life with Everything You Have by Annie Downs (who I want to be my best friend)

Professional: Take the Strengthsfinder test (kinda like the new Enneagram—I feel like I am hearing about it everywhere). I feel like personality tests help me be more self-aware so I can push through in situations that aren't really my thing but also move into places that are a sweet spot of skills and passion.

Marriage: I really want to work on being a better cheerleader for Chris. I feel like my method of encouragement can a teeny bit action-focused (aka pushy), so this month I want to practice turning off the advice-giving and simply cheer Chris on.

Fun: Don’t laugh, guys, but I really want to check out a Texas swimming hole. Isn’t this list gorgeous?

So what about you? What’s something you want to accomplish this month?