and yes again

Last night I was sitting in a room of 100 people celebrating a missions organization that is doing new and exciting things really well and really humbly. It’s the fourth time this year I have gotten to sit in a room full of staff, donors, retirees, future missionaries, and former missionaries.

The planning and details are habit by now; we’ve done the same thing several times. But what I am never prepared for is the moment I look around the room at all the faces and see the years and years and years and years of missionary service represented.

Have you ever seen a room full of God’s faithfulness? Have you ever felt legacy like it is a presence in the room? Have you ever seen real life heroes sitting and eating and hugging and laughing?

Here’s what it feels like: joy. Joy not in circumstances or health or even home, for most of the missionaries I’ve talked to don’t really feel that they have a true home. But joy in service. Joy in faithfulness. Joy in yes.

A speaker last night said it best when describing a time he wrote a promise to the Lord during a season of transition. His simple promise? “Yes, and yes again.”

Do you know what kind of person you want to be? I look at these people and I know. I know the pain from exhaustion and failure and transition and homelessness and even sickness will always, always be diminished by this joy beaming from their souls.

I look at these people and I know who I want to be. I want, no I need, to be someone who says yes, and yes again.