Goals for Ghana

Well, I’m SO excited to be headed back to Ghana in less than 1 month! I cannot wait to go back and soak up as much as I can in two weeks. Here are my goals for the trip!

30 days


  • Love who God puts in front of me—without fear of illness, assumptions, anything holding me back.
  • Soak up as much wisdom as I can from the staff at CORM and GMI. Last time we visited CORM, I was so amazed by their vision and how clearly they communicated it to everyone! It is clear God is directing their paths, and they are great at sharing that! I’d love to learn more about how to do this. I’d also love to learn more about how adoption works from John and others at GMI!
  • Keep a Kingdom focus. It’s so easy to get caught up in one thing that I could miss out on other opportunities to serve, or I could try and serve someone in a way that isn’t very helpful.