I’m Forgetting Something…


This Easter, I’m forgetting something.

I’m gonna forget the drive to the mall, the searching through stores. I’m gonna forget about the $30+ I could spend on a new dress.  I’m going to forget about the pressure to look perfect in order to celebrate Jesus.


But I’m going to remember her:


And him:


I’m going to remember this group:

Ghana 294

And them:

Togo 052

I’m going to remember Isaiah 1 and Isaiah 58. I’m going to remember Matthew 25 and James 1:27.

Nothing’s wrong with dressing up. There is respect and good intentions and love in that. But this year, I am trading it in to feed an orphan!

Forget the Frock, started by Emily, whose husband used to pastor in our town, is about leaving behind the dress and instead buying a shirt from Feeding the Orphans (or another organization that provides food and water and empowers people!). Feeding the Orphans is awesome because all their sales go towards those in need—overhead costs are fundraised separately (and needed! You can donate to those costs here!).

What about you, friends? Do you want to leave the frilly dress and studly suit behind? Love an orphaned child this Easter…what better way to show respect and love towards Christ who loves orphans so deeply? Forget the Frock!