2014 Some people hate on resolutions, but I personally LOVE them. I have always loved the idea of a fresh start. For the last few days I have made a mental list a mile long of resolutions, but yesterday, as I stopped and prayed and reflected, I realized I just have one goal for 2014:

Listen to God. Do what He says.

Okay, maybe two goals.

This is a year of big dreams. It is a year of leaving behind hesitations. It is a year of anything. It is a year to go, to love big, to forget about containing my passion and just go for it.

A year of FREEDOM.

Freedom from my own rules and insecurities. Freedom to revel in the grace God has given me. Freedom to do crazy things in the name of Jesus. Freedom to forget about my pride and people pleasing ways and just DO IT.

(Nike should hire me for an ad campaign, right?) (Probably not)

So what about you? Do you need to focus this year on freedom? If not, what other word are you proclaiming over your year?

Happy 2014!