Word of the Week



The word of this week is balance.

Balancing cleaning and cooking with schoolwork and ministry and internship and working and oh wait I am married to that guy I am occasionally in the same house with...

This is the second week of school, which means the second week of Chris going head first into his second job and the beginning of my work schedule, too. So basically we see each other for 1-2 hours at night.  I guess we got spoiled this summer, when I was so ambitious and thought Of course I can do this! I am super woman! I clean and cook every day! Yay!

So I gotta breathe...I gotta remember I may be tired, but I will feel SO MUCH BETTER when the house is cleaned. And I make a very detailed list giving deadlines for when to get what cleaned or cooked and then I sit on the couch and watch Giada at Home because, well, she is awesome and domestic enough that maybe she'll get my to do list done for me. :)


So, married ladies, what wisdom do you have for this newlywed? How do you balance crazy life schedules and marriage?