Word of the Week

ImageOn this wonderful Saturday afternoon, with the sunshine and a free load of laundry rolling thanks to the Liberty Association Disaster Relief team ministering to our campus, one word kept coming to mind, so I am starting a new thing: Word of the Week!

This week I am immeasurably thankful.

The Lord has blessed me with an amazing future husband and possibly a house for us to live in.

he can always make me laugh

He has given the opportunity for an internship.

Thankful for an awesome school where I have learned and grown so much and had the privileged to learn from some amazing Christians.

He has given both rain and sunshine. <--actually, this week when it rained it was so hard I had to run across campus barefoot freezing! Kinda fun, though.

maybe a little more rain this week

Awesome friends, most of whom I will see tomorrow for my bridal shower!!!!!

just kidding! I'd never say that


And given victory before. He's faithful to bring it again.

 Also, I got new shoes.  And new shoes are just fun. Especially when they are these super comfortable Reebok tennis shoes that make working out extra comfortable (and breezy!).