Here's to a new year.

Okay, so I know it's March, and it seems a little late. But this year is so full of changes I feel like I am waking up every day to a new year.

A new attitude.

A new house.

A growing family.

A new church.

It's a lot for this little brain to handle, so I did what any college student would do--change my blog and write about it.

I hope you like the new address, the new look, and hopefully the more regular posts!

So in honor of the Not-So-New-Year, let's renew some Resolutions!

Here's Mine:

1. Pray more!

2. Learn more things to cook.

3. Get my wedding planned and enjoy it!

4. Enjoy my last year of college (ugh that means no more complaining),

5. See my mom more and help my parents move to Texas.

6. Continue eating healthier and working out!

So here's your question of the day:

What resolutions would you like to revisit?

I'd love to hear them! Have a great day :)